Second Draft Mania!


Hi! And, welcome.

So, I also blog on Tumblr where I write about this & that and Big in Britain. 

I love Tumblr–I really do.  It is visual, visceral, sensual and sometimes downright sexy.  I find myself spending way too much time, however, ooohing and aaahing over tattoos, going cross-eyed looking at GIFs, coveting impossibly fit abs and drooling over men doing  yoga.  Mmmmm, Yoga Dudes. (That’s the name of the blog.)

But, here @ Word Press, I plan to buckle-down.  I will not be re-blogging any meme (is there a plural for that?) or following any sites unless they are directly related to writing or otherwise getting my book done.  I will do my best to post regularly and to whine infrequently about the trials of writing my first novel while holding down a job, raising two kids, two dogs and a husband.

Now that my kids are back in school I should have more time to work on BIB on a consistent basis, especially on my off days from work.   I would like to post some bits & pieces from my novel & hopefully, entertain you, the reader.

My goal for Big in Britain is to finish the 2nd draft by November, have an editor give it a look,  then I’ll make some more revisions and get to work on getting out query letters to Literary Agents. So, obviously, my plan is to go the ‘traditional” publishing path.  But, I am not opposed to exploring my options.  In fact, recently, I have been impressed with some of the self-published fiction out there, especially Elizabeth Hunter and her Elemental Mysteries series.  I follow her here on Word Press and on Twitter.  She’s awesome–check her out.

So, that’s it for now.



Feel free to comment but stay classy, ok?

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