Thirty-one-year-old travel writer Jennifer Heath drops everything and heads to Edinburgh, Scotland at a moment’s notice to cover for her rehabbing best friend and fellow journalist Beverly Ayers. Rolling Stone magazine has green-lit Jennifer’s take-over of their cover-feature about American ex-pat Michael Forrester, whose comedy and film career is about to blow up in the States.

Sinking in to Bev’s cushy first-class seat, Jen reminds herself she’s not on vacation. She’s working. But, “Small world!” as her mother would say–on the flight over, she reconnects with an old pal from summer camp, drinks her face off and gets roped into joining in on a Super-Model’s hen night pub crawl.

Her first morning in the UK, Jen wakes up, remembers a cute guy in a kilt, a rocking band, the smell of Scotch and not much else.

With determination and a few white lies, Jen vows to keep quirky Michael Forrester on task, an ex-flame at arms-length and her libido in check. She has a job to do; sex, love and magic are not on the agenda.

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