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My Tail End Needs Plumping

Okay.  I must have been in some kind of hazy NaNoWriMo fever last November 30th when I clicked save and counted myself as “done” with the first draft.  The last third (more like the second half) of my novel has too many scanty placeholder pages instead of meaty chapters.

Pages like these: (I have inserted spoiler blockers where necessary.) 

This is the part where Jen & Michael ______ via ______.

This is the part where the truth about______ is revealed to ______.  Lots of tears, angst. Light bulbs.

MF’s Friends discover ________.

MF’s film opens in LA.  The see each other again?

Next time, I am writing my novel backwards.  I will fawn over the end first, feeding it enough to make it fat & happy while I still have enough brain cells.   Crap.

The plot’s there.  I just neet to fill it all out. I think I will pretend it’s a series and now I have to work in earnest on Book 2 and send Book 1 out for a Beta read……Ok, that’s what I’ll do.   Onward. Frick.